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Can you tell the difference?  The bottom picture is of my first TR6 which was a 1972 w/o overdrive.  My wife told my that I needed to spend less time tinkering in the garage on the car so I had no choice but to get another one in better condition.

My second TR6 on the bottom is CC#54994 was well kept and will hopefully allow me to learn the basics of repair and maintenance before I have to embark on any large and expensive repairs.  This car was purchased in March 2001 and like any car that's 30 years old, it's not perfect, but it made the 1,000+ miles from Texas back to Georgia without any major trouble.


Spin-on Oil Filter                                Teak Dash

Uprated springs front and rear            A-type O/D added


Starter                                                Adjust carbs

Pinhole leak in radiator                        Oil Change

Bleeding of brake system                   


Wheel Trim Rings                                CD player

Green Plug Wires                                Green Cooling Hoses

Replace F/R Brake Lines                    Various Decals/Badges





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