(1) Go to

(2) Log in using your New WebRing System User ID

(3) Click on "My Rings" (in the upper right).

(4) Click on "View Ring Sites" (in the left column).

(5) Click on the Site Title of YOUR page in that webring

(6) Confirm that the page that is registered is the page onto which you wish to place the code. The code MUST go onto the registered page.

(7) If the page is correct, go to STEP 13.

(8) Change the page to be the correct registered page.

(9) If you want to change the page name or description, do that now too.

(10) Click Submit.

(11) WARNING: DO NOT GET NAVIGATION CODE YET. DO NOT GET NAVIGATION CODE FROM THIS PAGE. There is a system bug. If you get the navigation code from this page it will be wrong.

(12) Click the BACK button.

(13) Click "Get Navigation Code"

(14) Place your cursor in the "box" with all the code and select all the code. (The easiest way to "select all" in Windows is to type Ctrl A.)

(15) Copy all the code. (The easiest way in Windows is to type Ctrl C.)

(16) Paste this code into the HTML of your site, (The easiest way to paste in Windows is to type Ctrl V.) Remember that you MUST place the code onto the page that you registered. This is critical.

(17) Place the webpage you just modified onto your website.

(18) Now, click the BACK button.

(19) Click "Test" (It is underneath the URL of your web page.)

(20) If it comes back as "Pass", you did everything right. If it does not, you did something wrong (or there is a system problem.)

(21) If it doesn't work, and you can't figure out why, write me.




Whenever you change the registered page you MUST get new JavaScript. The JavaScript is based on the registered page.

For example, assume you registered PAGE1 but put the code on PAGE2. Some people think it is sufficient to change the registration to PAGE2. This is wrong. You must first change the registration to PAGE2 and then get the new code for PAGE2.

If you do not do this, your site will be automatically suspended.

If you want to know more about this, read

How can I place my Triumph MotoRing on a links page?

    The banner can be located either on the main page of your website with no modifications, or on any other page but slight changes need to be implemented if you want to do that.  Hmm, seems confusing, but it's really not. 

Here's the deal, in order to be listed on the Triumph MotoRing you need to have the SSNB or banner running somewhere on your site.  If it's on a page other than your main page then there needs to be something on that page telling the Triumph MotoRing server where to look for your banner in order to validate the SSNB. 

If you want to have the banner running on your "Links" page for example then you still need to have something that says "WebRing" on the main page.  Here are two examples of how this can work if you want to place the banner on another page:

    a)  On your main page you can have a link to a page called WebRing which in turn will take you to a page with the WebRing SSNB.


    b) You can have it posted on a links page, BUT the title of the links page must read something like "" or "

I hope this is fairly clear to everyone who is having any issues, but if not then you always email me with questions at