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With winter approaching, I thought it might be a little fun to see the areas where we do battle with our cars. The first few photos are of my garage area.  The garage isn't so bad, but it's what's behind that wall that can get ugly at times.  Currently things aren't in extreme disarray, but it's early in the Shipwright's Season yet.


These first 4 pics are of the area where I create a mess and break things.  I'm pretty good at both of them

Todd B's garage is something to behold!

Mark looks like he do some damage in here

Hugh's garage

Where Richard goes at it

Larry has a serious work area here!

Kurtis' space

Kevin's barn

Tommy's "garage" in clean indeed

Michael's garage

Joe C's garagemahall - obviously some serious $#@% gets accomplished here

Dave's garage

Bud's Place - I think I could work there

One more Bud

Aaron's is the best landscaped!!

Fred obviously spends more time on his car

Aaron H has a very unique garage, and that's a BSA under restoration

Jerry is trying to give Todd a run for his money

Another Todd making good use of his square footage -  cool car.

Jerry C's is not your amateur garage, but what's that LGC doing there?

OK Rick I think I can speak

for all of us "gimme that lift!"

Jon's garage, hmm, another contender!

tr329.jpg (84624 bytes)
I love seeing a restoration underway, thanks Kent

Scott's TR6's - two is better than one

Andre makes very good use of his space.

O:K, just when I thought Todd was securely in the lead, I now present our own MJB's garage!!! My good friend Mike M's garage

Robert's H's garage

Darwin's garage

Darwin cont. - this pattern of more than one Triumph in the garage is starting to make me feel inadequate

OK, this is not one of ours, but it would do!!

bradk1.jpeg (65348 bytes)

Steve's work area; guess what beast he's making here

Brad K's intimate work area

Where Mark W's 250 sleeps

Peter is getting his barn ready for a Triumph


Bruce and his son Ryan hard at work on their multiple projects

Dave W's "Yurt"

Dave G's garage
GreenCountryShop1.jpg (73940 bytes) GreenCountryshop2.jpg (83867 bytes)

Hmm, funny looking Triumph

Dennis getting ready for Portland

Green Country Triumphs hobby garage

This is David O's garage from NY. I'm starting to see the necessity for a good  enclosure in the colder climes.

Dave C's making steady progress on the body - now on to the frame

OK, Brooks where's Blue?

Oh, there it is, off to UnPaint!

Bill R seems to think he's in the running for the most "organized" garage - I think he's right!

This is Jay W's home for his Triumphs.  He admitted he cleaned up prior to submitting the pics - notice the top of the 1st photo.

Dave H's barn and work area

Greg's garage

Bernard's 2500 & TR6 sleeps here

Jim is obviously in the middle of a door off, trunk off, hood off........ restoration.


Lots of wires, TR6 with heavy mods being made, hmm, wonder whose garage this is?


Dave's stockade

A few shots from Corey's Garage - this truly is looking like a Garagemahall
A few more from Corey Gary's car, but not necessarily his garage RLG's Garage
Some of Bob's garage action It may look a bit messy, but.. I think he's making progress  
Yeah, but is it ok to fly and drink? Messy?  Nah, just another method. Terry is getting serious What's that white stuff on the ground?
Somewhere in Ohio What's in there? Ahh, Triumphs, very nice  
From the outside Dick's place more tools Gotta weld
Gotta lathe Almost too neat Jim's GT6 Another view
Spit Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring Not even a ? Ready to be put back together?
I hope you've got heat That's one big garage The following 5 photos are of Glenn's place  
  Man, having a lift must be nice   I think Randy takes dibs on the largest garage
Somehow this is all his Where is the TR? The main house Tom's Garage
More of Tom's Garage