I decided to have a little fun at my own expense, and show the status of my car as the Chateau Elan show grows closer and closer in the rear view mirror.  So, I go to Road Atlanta to enjoy a little of the Walter Mitty.  I got home and felt a little funny, but shook it off.  I should have recognized the symptoms of Shipright's disease; you'd think I'd know by now but...



The pictures below were taken a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately the progress was slow coming.

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Last Thursday, May 8th

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Ronnie setting up

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f2.jpg (60470 bytes)

LBC air conditioning?

Monday, May 12th                                                                Wednesday, May 14th

carbsrenewed.jpg (109810 bytes)

Carbs arrive back from the rebuild

engine.jpg (70472 bytes)

Carbs back on and finally got the linkage straight

Wednesday, May 14th

We've got three kids under the age of five, so you might remember how hard it is to get some free time when you are awake.  This is especially true for my wife.  I've needed her help to bleed the brakes for two weeks now, but "Bam-Bam," our middle child has been putting up a fight at night so she usually falls asleep with him leaving me in the garage alone.

Thursday, May 15th

My good friend Joe comes through in a pinch and helps me bleed the brakes over a rather extended lunch.  He did get a poboy out of the deal though.

Current Status:

DSCN1149.jpg (51198 bytes) DSCN1150.jpg (73082 bytes)

So, as of Thursday afternoon, the car has been sitting for three weeks, but is starting to come together.  The brakes might need another bleeding. The carburetors have yet to be checked out.  There is the hole in the floorboard to deal with, and a few other things.  Saturday morning is game day, so I guess I'll be up late trying to get it back together.

What do you think the odds are?

3:00 P.M. -Friday, May 16th


status1.jpg (95414 bytes)

status2.jpg (63141 bytes)

Uh-Oh, time is drawing short, and the car hasn't moved from the garage in three weeks.  18 hours and counting.

BTW, I made it!!!