This is not my idea of fun!!!


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If it's broke you must fix it!!

As some of you who attended the 6-Pack TRials may know, I had a "bit of a problem with me car.  I was lucky to make it back to Atlanta without mishap, so I thought I would show you guys what broke.  The picture of the right is of the wishbone and the front bracket that attaches to the frame.  As you can see, one of the bolts is a little shorter than the other - this is NOT a factory design. 

Last week, prior to embarking to Bowling Green, I heard a "pop" come from the general area of the front of my car.  I did a quick once over, but failed to pick up anything.  I made it to Bowling Green without mishap, but noticed that my tires were squealing when making a turn even at low speed.  The broken bolt was causing a misalignment of the front suspension.  And wouldn't you just know it, you have to tear down the front end just to get to the bolt.  Btw, the bolts are welded to the bracket so there is no way to simply slip in a new bolt.

Oh well, thanks for empathizing. 

Guess who's here?

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Pictured above are some photos of the old and new lower A-Arm bracket.  Notice the condition of the bolt that's not broken.  The threads are not in good shape.  Why?  Don't know, but a front end alignment and an overzealous air wrench could be a possibility.  I'd recommend checking yours out.  It's not fun to replace, but you could be caught in the middle of nowhere and facing a large tow bill if you're not careful.  A special thanks to fellow 6-Pack member Jerry for pointing this out. 

Speaking of broken things, the lower left photo shows a brake line which will fix a weeping old line.  And I'll buy a beer to the first correct answer for what the heck the lower right picture is.  Coupon to be redeemed at a future event.  


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Hmm, someone stole my windshield!!



OK, I got the suspension and windshield back together.  I hate dealing with those springs.  What a PITA.